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"it’s sad because when I’m lying awake at 3 am I should be thinking about him but instead I’m thinking about you."
thoughts. (via inthebusinessofmiseryy)

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I want someone to count on.
Sick of my life, please send me positive messages.
"You’re still the reason I cry."
Six Word Story (via collectedmemorabilia)

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"It hurts. It hurts really badly. Maybe it’s just because it’s late. Maybe I’m just overemotional right now. Maybe you slipped yourself inside of my soul and built all of these aching memories and left yours there too, because you don’t seem to care at all. And that hurts. Jesus Christ it hurts so badly. And I’m sorry that I couldn’t be enough."
Kayla Kathawa - I’d have done anything  (via ninakathawa)

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